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MX is an eight week arts program where students will learn the basics of photography, how to interpret information, and communicate visually in the form of an image. Students will be challenged to examine and reimagine the world around them, documenting it photographically. Each student will receive a Lomo’ Instant Wide camera, a camera bag, film, a field notebook/sketchbook, and a curriculum that teaches the art of photography through assignments.

The works created will be formally critiqued. Successful works selected by the students will be presented to the public in art exhibitions and displayed at local arts, education or social service organizations around Cleveland, with a focus on teaching students the business of art from start to finish.

Over one hundred students are participating in this exciting new program taught by MX’s Program Manager, Julie Brannigan, MX’s Community Education Liaison, Amber Ford along with other instructors. In coming weeks you will see the fruits of their labor in the form of instant photography on Facebook and Instagram. Watch for their first exhibition at the Cleveland Print Room during the ArtCraft Holiday Sale the first weekend in December.

We aim to make a difference in the lives of youth and pass along our passion for photography and storytelling to the next generation of image makers with our goal to inspire students to pick up a camera, make pictures, have fun, and share their world with an emphasis on visual literacy. We look forward to celebrating the collective work and the creativity that surfaces during Multiple Exposure. Watch with us as we see what Cleveland students have to show us about our city and their lives!

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The Multiple Exposure program is modeled after the Cleveland Public Theatre’s nationally recognized program, Brick City Theatre. Brick City, created in 1999, is a year-round after school and intensive summer arts program that focuses on teaching children from the ages 5-14 how to create and perform their own plays, choreography, poetry, music compositions and visual art under the dedicated guidance of CPT Teaching Artists.

Lillian Kuri, Program Director, Arts and Urban Design at the Cleveland Foundation, is responsible for bringing Multiple Exposure, this visual arts-based mastery program to Cleveland’s neighborhoods. She contacted the Cleveland Print Room, already working with instant photography in the community, to discuss expanding our reach. By providing a photography program directly to students in an unorthodox way, in community centers, churches & schools, working with the students to master photographic skills, this unique pilot arts workshop for middle school and high school students in Cleveland enables participants to express their creativity, learn how to interpret information, and communicate visually in the form of an image. The Cleveland Print Room passes on our passion for photography and storytelling to the next generation of photographers. This program provides a high-quality immersive arts education experience by focusing on mastering the skill of visual storytelling and the craft of image making.

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